ۼ : 19-10-23 12:17
 ۾ : meiner
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What is a Keller Bier exactly? Keller Biers, typically lagers, are always unfiltered and unpasteurized. In its most literal sense, Keller Bier translates to Cellar Beer, a reference to drinking the beer straight from the brewerys lagering tank. But in a beer world where filtered and force carbonated brews reign supreme, Keller Bier stands for so much more. A Keller Bier is truly a Brewmasters beer. Fresh from the aging tank. Straight from the fermenter to the glass. Many of you may know that all of our beers, including Citra-Pils, are left unfiltered and are 100% naturally carbonated by the yeast itself, requiring absolutely no force carbonation. We simply move the finished beer from the fermenter to the bright beer tank before packaging, making Switchback Citra-Pils an authentic (or, as our German friends would say, authentisch) Keller Bier.

So why should I care? In todays beer culture, IPAs and self-proclaimed hop bombs are a hot topic and options are plentiful.  Classically brewed lagers on the other hand, not so much, and there is good reason for this. Making a great lager is extremely difficult and demands all the skills of an experienced Brewmaster. It is an unforgiving style in which each and every defect and off-flavor has a crisp and clean stage to present itself. The advantage we have here at our brewery, is the experience, skill and equipment to do this highly respected style justice.